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Over the years, Nigeria has faced insecurity, crises in deferent areas such as political crises, religious crises regional and ethnic crises that give rise to human right abuse, food insecurity, Malnutrition, economic insecurity, poor education system, poor health system, etc and the most world-rated conflict that Nigeria is currently fighting in North-eastern part of the country, "the Boko Haram insurgent group" and the crisis remains one of the most severe in the world. The conflict that have lasted over ten years have claim Millions of lives, destruction, and disruption of social service infrastructure such as Education infrastructure and system, Health infrastructure etc, render Millions of people homeless, Millions of children are separated and unaccompanied with their families, Human right and human dignity abuse. these have increased the rate at which the need and demand of people living in Northeast Nigeria. the survivors resort to employing negative coping mechanisms to stay alive which in turn will create a great negative impact on the people, community, state, and the country at large.

These situations present major humanitarian challenges as the government does not have the needed capacity to respond and absorb the magnitude of the emergency need of the affected population and the rising security demands in the region. The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) in collaboration with UN agencies, International Organizations, ICRC, MSF National Organizations and Community based Organizations to build and manage Internal Displaced Persons (IDP) Camps across LGAs were this a relatively security stability to provide emergency accommodation system with the support of donor community. Most camps in mostly security stable LGAs that includes Maiduguri, Jere, Monguno, and Konduga are faced with high congestion with several human right abuse and situations that negatively impact human dignity.

GOALPrime Organization Nigeria (GPON) is a non-governmental and nonprofit organization that strife to make life of vulnerable women and children better through revitalized partnership. GPON provides life-skill education and psychosocial support to conflict-affected, WaSH community or camp services, Education in emergency services, Gender-based Violence mitigation services, Child protection service, Protection monitoring services, Nutrition and public health services. GOALPrime has reached over 50,000 vulnerable children and women with life support and life-changing services in the northeast Nigeria. GOALPrime is partnering with UNICEF, Irish Aid, Nigeria Humanitarian Fund (NHF) to reach and support vulnerable children and women in North-east Nigeria.