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Our Objectives

1. Sustainable empowerment for the citizens and economic recovery for the victims of emergency.
2. Facilitate support for community development projects.
3. Provide helping hands toward building sustainable small scale businesses.
4. Inspire revitalized partnership for sustainable state and national development.
5. Promote advocacy and work for massive employment and skill acquisition.
6. Work for and assist the citizens of Nigeria to conquer extreme poverty and hunger through training and capacity building.
7. Motivate and promote mentoring, coaching and training of youth in wealth creation program.
8. Promote research and collection of data for grass-root development for the benefits of the Nigeria people.
9. Initiate affiliations and collaborations with persons, organizations and groups with similar aims and objectives
10. Facilitate coordinated response to mitigate crimes against humanity and support for victims of trafficking in persons
11. Work to ensure child and women protection via facilitation of quality education
12. Promote and support any other activity or Programme incidental to the achievement of its objectives