Rawa Gets A New Nose Mask In Ngala LGA

Rawa Abba Maina is a 9 year old boy from the conflict affected Jarawa community in Ngala LGA.

Rawa, after being sensitized on COVID-19 Prevention and control measures desired to comply but do not have a Nose mask. Rawa being a creative child created a nose mask with the nylon of satchet water. Indeed, Rawa's innovation was beautiful and that was what Rawa had been using as a Nose mask until he met GOALPRIME's Child Friendly Space Facilitators who were amazed at Rawa's creativity.

Rawa was taken to the CFS and his satchet water nose mask was replaced with a newly sewn nose mask produced by adolescents in GOALPrime's Maiduguri Reintegration Centre supported by UNICEF-Nigeria.

Today, Rawa now has access to finely sewn Nose mask and GOALPrime's facilitators will continue to engage Rawa to raise awareness on the use of Nosemask amongst his peers in Jarawa Community.


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