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Conflict Affected People Can Smile Again

GOALPrime Organization Nigeria (GPON) is a policy-driven humanitarian, national non-governmental organization that implements her program through a revitalized partnership the United Nations, the private sector, the international community and in strong collaboration with the government both at the local, state and federal level. GOALPrime implements directly to support conflict affected population as well as support the relevent government line ministries with system strengthening initiatives.


GOALPrime over the last five years has been on the frontlines of the Northeast Nigeria humanitarian response; providing live-saving interventions to children and their caregivers via partnerships with the government line ministries, the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF-Nigeria), Education Cannot Wait (ECW) MYRP, the Office of Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA-NHF), the World Health Organization (WHO), PLAN International, Street Child Nigeria, ROHI, the Irish Embassy and a host of private sector organizations. In Northeast Nigeria (The BAY States), GOALPrime has provided live-saving interventions to over 2 million individuals over the last 5 years across thematics vis-a-vis child protection; education-in-emergencies; water, sanitations and hygiene (WASH); livelihood and early recovery support; peacebuilding; centre-based and community-based socio-economic reintegration; behavioral change communications; mine risk education, and gender based violence risk mitigation.


GOALPrime is currently the Nigeria NGO representative to the Global Strategic Advisory Group (Global SAG) of the Child Protection Area of Responsibility (CP AoR); the Co-Lead Organization for Northeast Nigeria Child Protection Area of Responsibility (NE CP AoR), the Localization Focal Point Agency for Northeast Education in Emergencies; and a very strong member of the Strategic Advisory Groups (SAGs) of the Northeast Education in Emergencies Working Group, Northeast WASH-in-Emergencies Sector and the Northeast Child Protection Area of Responsibility.


GOALPrime's interventions are evidence-based and our commitment remains to make lives better for all vulnerable groups across conflict affected or disaster affected communities in Nigeria and beyond.


A Better Humanity is Possible.

Putting people first in our commitment to making lives better for all vulnerable groups in affected nations and communities -especially women and children through revitalized partnerships.

To build a culture where everyone at home and diaspora is committed to delivery of peaceful communities & families; primary health care & hygiene; safe schools & inclusive education, livelihood security, socio-economic reintegration and protection for all vulnerable groups.


    H - Humanity First

    E - Equality & Gender

    A - Accountability

    R - Respect for Diversity

    D - Dignity for All


Over the years, Nigeria has faced insecurity, crises in deferent areas such as political crises, religious crises regional and ethnic crises that give rise to human right abuse, food insecurity, Malnutrition, economic insecurity, poor education system, poor health system, etc and the most world-rated conflict that Nigeria is currently fighting in North-eastern part of the country, "the Boko Haram insurgent group" and the crisis remains one of the most severe in the world. The conflict that have lasted over ten years have claim Millions of lives, destruction, and disruption of social service infrastructure such as Education infrastructure and system, Health...