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International organizations have continued to advocate for policy changes within their own organizations and among donors to support localization efforts. This includes changes in funding practices, more flexible reporting requirements, and greater recognition of the role of local actors in humanitarian response.  It has been discovered that the localization drive fosters closer engagement with affected communities and encourages their active participation in decision-making processes through local Non-Governmental Organisations. This helps ensure that the assistance provided is relevant and responsive to the communities' needs and preferences.


GoalPrime Organisation Nigeria (GPON) is aware that the goal of localization is to enhance the effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability of humanitarian response by international agencies. To that extent, GPON has over the years met the expectations of her partners and donors in this regard. The Humanitarian Response Plan for Nigeria includes localization as a key principle. It recognizes the importance of local leadership and participation in humanitarian activities and emphasizes the role of local organizations in response efforts. GPON, therefore, appreciates her partners and donors who had empowered us to take a leading role in addressing our own needs during emergencies and crises.


GPON have been able to assume the leadership and ownership of humanitarian response in the northeast of Nigeria. We have also seen our organisation as the primary stakeholders who understand the context, culture, and needs of the affected populations in the northeast. Despite this, GPON have been able to collaborate with her international partners in the areas of capacity-building, resource-sharing, and joint planning and implementation of relief and development projects.


To this end, the role of GPON in localization in the northeast of Nigeria is essential in creating a more inclusive, effective, and sustainable humanitarian and development response.

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