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GOALPrime Organisation Nigeria (GPON) System strengthening refers to efforts aimed at enhancing the capacity, effectiveness, and sustainability of the organizational systems and structures that support the delivery of programs and services. This involves strengthening our internal processes, management systems, and organizational capacities to ensure that GPON can achieve their mission and objectives more efficiently and impactfully. To that extent, GPON has strengthened her system in the following areas:


Organizational Capacity Building. GPON has invested in building the overall capacity of their staff, including training programs, skill development, and knowledge-sharing initiatives. This encompasses areas such as project management, financial management, monitoring and evaluation, and leadership development. For instance, in April 2022, a comprehensive training program was initiated for the project team, including Community Volunteer Mentors, officers, and support staff. This training covered various project deliverables and key aspects such as psychosocial support, life skills, gender-based violence, child protection, information management, and MEAL requirements, ensuring the team was well-prepared for the project's successful implementation.


Financial Management Systems. GPON strengthen financial management systems to ensure transparency, accountability, and compliance with regulations. This includes effective budgeting, financial reporting, and internal controls. GPON conducts her audit in accordance with International Standards on Auditing. As such our responsibilities under those standards are further described in the Auditor’s Responsibilities for the audit of the Financial Statements section of our report. To that extent, the audit team are independent of GPON in accordance with the requirements of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) Professional Code of Conduct and Guidance for Accountants (ICAN Code) and other independence requirements applicable to performing audits of financial statements in Nigeria.


Human Resources Management. GPON focuses on building strong human resources management systems, covering areas such as recruitment, staff development, performance management, and employee well-being. A skilled and motivated workforce is critical for achieving organizational goals. In 2022, GPON saw an impressive 90.25% employee participation in various training programs, reinforcing our commitment to capacity-building. Of these, 70% were men and 30% were women. Notably, 65.2% of the trained staff were located in the field, with the remaining 34% spread across Maiduguri and Jere LGAs. We offered a diverse range of 58 self-paced online courses (Kaya), encompassing thematic, programmatic, cross-cutting, behavioral, and interpersonal skills. Remarkedly, GPON, made significant stride in her capacity-building efforts by supporting over 15 technical staff with a total investment of N4,186,277.78 towards their certification programs.


Information Management and Technology. GPON has invested in information management systems and technology to streamline operations, enhance data collection and analysis, and improve communication both internally and externally. GPON, in collaboration with the Humanitarian Press and Studio throughout provided unwavering support to various sectors and organizations. This support encompasses the creation of jingles, animations, illustrations, photography rendering, videography, and printing services. Additionally, GPON has effectively disseminated essential messages across various thematic areas through radio and social media channels. In 2022 alone, the Humanitarian Studio and Press achieved remarkable results, including the production of 48 jingles, 64 animations, 150 illustrations, over 20 videos, and the documentation of over 200 actively images. These efforts reached an estimated 1.2 million individuals, demonstrating the substantial impact of GPON’s information and management technology initiatives.


Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E). System strengthening involves developing robust M&E systems to assess the impact and effectiveness of programs. This includes defining indicators, collecting and analyzing data, and using findings for adaptive management. For instance, in 2022, monitoring visits by SAME were conducted in Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 respectively of the across the 8 ABEP centers in Damaturu and Gujba LGA’s. This activity was led by the GPON team to provide mentorship support to facilitators and assess the quality of teaching administered in ABEP centers. Two (2) master trainers from SAME visited all 8 ABEP centers in Damaturu and Gujba for 3 hours each day. A total of 40 monitoring visits were held while PLAN International provided the monitoring tool.


Partnership and Collaboration Development. GPON continues to work on enhancing their ability to engage in partnerships and collaborations. This involves building relationships with other organizations, government entities, and communities to amplify the impact of their work. In collaboration with UNICEF and the Ministry of Women Affairs, an orientation session was conducted for foster parents. The session focused on positive parenting, child support, and goal-setting, and 100 foster parents across four LGAs in Brono State were trained. Also, in First Quarter of 2022, GPON conducted the recruitment of 15 ABEP facilitators (7 to replace vacant positions and 8 additional facilitators for the 8 Yobe ABEP centres) with the support of PLAN International and in collaboration with Yobe State Agency for Mass Education.

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