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Policy influencing in GOALPrime governmental Nigeria (GPON) involves efforts to shape, change, or influence policies and practices at various levels, including local, national, and international. This strategic engagement in the policymaking process is a crucial aspect of GPON’s work, aiding in the achievement of their objectives and promoting positive social change.


For instance, GPON has worked to influence some national policies as underlisted:


National Water Supply and Sanitation Policy (2000). GPON has submitted useful information during stakeholder meeting in providing framework for the development of water supply and sanitation services in Nigeria. Our major contribution has been in the area of emphasizing sustainability, equity, and community participation.


National Environmental Sanitation Policy (2005). GPON has contributed to promoting environmental sanitation and hygiene practices to prevent waterborne diseases and improve overall public health.


National Policy on Education (2013). GPON has contributed to government's commitment to providing quality education. GPON core contributions has been in the areas of addressing issues related to school access, gender equity, and quality across all levels of education.


Safe Schools Initiative (SSI). in addition to government efforts in SSI, GPON has created sub initiatives to create safe, secure, and protective learning environments, particularly in regions affected by conflict and emergencies.


National Policy on Food and Nutrition (2001). GPON has been addressing issues related to food security, nutrition, and the overall well-being of the population.


In summary, policy influencing has been a strategic tool utilized by GPON to achieve its objectives by creating an enabling environment, addressing systemic issues, and contributing to positive, sustainable change.

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