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Child Protection in Emergencies

GoalPrime Organisation Nigeria stands as a beacon of hope during crises, dedicated to Child Protection in Emergencies (CPiE) through swift and targeted interventions. In the face of natural disasters, conflicts, or pandemics, our organization takes immediate action to safeguard children who are most vulnerable to the perils of such situations.


Our CPiE interventions carried out in tandem with development partners are meticulously designed to address the urgent needs of children affected by emergencies. We deploy rapid response teams equipped with expertise in child protection, ensuring the immediate establishment of safe spaces, provision of psychosocial support, and the prevention of exploitation, abuse, and trafficking.


At GoalPrime, our interventions focus on not only meeting the immediate physical needs of children but also on their mental and emotional well-being. We collaborate closely with local communities and authorities to build resilience and restore a sense of normalcy for children amidst chaos. Through partnerships with governmental and non-governmental entities, we advocate for policies that prioritize child protection in emergency response protocols.


Our efforts extend beyond crisis moments, encompassing comprehensive preparedness plans, training, and capacity-building programs for communities to effectively respond to emergencies. GoalPrime Organization's commitment lies in creating a safer and more secure environment for every child, ensuring they receive the protection and care they deserve, even in the most challenging circumstances.

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