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Children with Disabilities

Children with disabilities in Nigeria encounter numerous challenges in accessing adequate healthcare, education, and social inclusion, hindering their holistic development. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 5-15% of the global population comprises individuals with disabilities, and in Nigeria, an estimated 3.6 million children live with disabilities (UNICEF).


Access to healthcare remains a critical issue for these children, with significant disparities in services and resources. Only about 10% of children with disabilities in Nigeria have access to appropriate healthcare interventions (WHO). Additionally, education opportunities for children with disabilities are limited, with approximately 95% out of school, facing barriers due to inaccessible facilities and lack of trained educators (UNICEF).


Social stigma and discrimination further exacerbate the challenges faced by these children. They often experience exclusion from community activities and face barriers to social participation. The Federal Government of Nigeria has made strides in adopting policies like the Discrimination Against Persons with Disabilities (Prohibition) Act, yet implementation and enforcement remain key challenges. Through informed research our Implementation Research and Policy Influencing Team at GoalPrime Organization are working assiduously to ensure that stale policies are reviewed and impactful polices implemented.


Despite these challenges, GOALPrime Organization Nigeria, advocates for the rights of children with disabilities, offering support services, advocating for policy changes, and promoting inclusive practices in education and healthcare.


Through targeted interventions, our goal at GOALPrime with the aid of developmental partners, is to provide interventions that enhance accessibility to education through inclusive schooling models and the provision of assistive devices, provision of healthcare programmes and offering specialized care and rehabilitation services tailored to the needs of children with disabilities.

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