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Education in emergencies is a critical component of humanitarian response, particularly in regions facing conflict, displacement, and other crises. In the case of the northeast of Nigeria, which has been significantly affected by the Boko Haram insurgency, GOALPrime Organisation (GPON) Nigeria played a crucial role in providing education services, addressing the challenges faced by children and communities, and contributing to the overall recovery and resilience of the region especially between Brono, Adamawa and Yola (BAY States). To that effect, in 2022 alone, through the ECW STREETCHILD Consortium Project Year one, GPON carried made seven key achievement. Three among them are the provision and access to basic education for a total of 312 children in two sections: Alternative learning session for 137 all-girls learners and non-formal education session for 175 boys and girls learners. GPON also constructed two temporary learning spaces (TLS). One each in Kala-Balge and Mafa LGA. These facilities were constructed in areas affected by emergencies or crisis situations, such as conflict or displacement, the temporary learning spaces were designed to be gender-sensitive and disability-inclusive, creating a safe and conducive environment for children to learn and grow, despite challenging circumstances. Also GPON provided scholastic materials to 307 learners and teachers materials to CVTs, including classroom furniture, whiteboards, markers, teaching manipulatives and mats, to support effective teaching and learning.


GPON’s involvement in education in emergencies in the BAY States of Nigeria play a vital role in ensuring that children affected by conflict have access to quality education, despite the challenging circumstances. GPON’s comprehensive approach addresses not only meets immediate educational needs but also factors in psychosocial well-being, community engagement, and the broader goal of sustainable recovery and development. Through GPON’s dedication and collaborative efforts with ECW STREETCHILD, GPON has contribute significantly to building the resilience of individuals and communities in the face of adversity.

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