Success Story: Latrine Construction Initiatives provides positive change for the people of Madiya Community

Success Story: Latrine Construction Initiatives provides positive change for the people of Madiya Community

Mallam Julde Adamu, the Community Head (Bulama) of Madiya is 67 years old. Married with two wives and nine children, five male and four female. He lives with his family in Madiya community, a town occupied by a small group of Nomadic Fulani (Fulfulde) tribe.


Thanks to the Sanitation Marketing Revolving Funds program supported by UNICEF and partnering with RUWASSA, GOALPrime Organization, and Unimaid Micro-Finance Bank. The People of Madiya Community like all other Communities in Biu, have been able to benefit from Sanitation Marketing Funds for the construction and or Rehabilitation/upgrade of their latrines.


In this Community of nomadic Fulani Families, life is peaceful, but for this semi-nomadic population, the construction of toilets is not a habit, and the soil horizons are made up of sedimentary rock which makes it difficult to excavate and construct improved latrines. Women and children usually defecate in the grasses around the houses.


Julde Adamu is the Community Leader and is part of the Adashe group members. One of the beneficiaries of Sanitation Marketing. He believes that the construction of toilets in the community has impacted a significant effect towards mitigating diseases that are associated with poor sanitation practices and stopping the spread of Open Defecation.


Sanitation Marketing Revolving Funds allows the implementation of a set of coordinated actions which, when the different requirements are followed, allow the community to be declared as having reached the ODF status. Through the intervention of Sanitation Marketing Revolving Funds, all eleven members of the Adashe group have constructed improved sanitation facilities.


This not only encourages and promotes the construction of Latrines, this approach stimulates behavioral change in communities on water, sanitation, and hygiene issues. It motivates inhabitants to fully invest in improving their living environment. Through the Sanitation Marketing program, Julde Adamu ensures that the community will carry out proper hygiene practices of the latrines and maintenance.


A better humanity is possible 

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